One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.
– William Shakespeare

The Spirit of Nature Society is for nature lovers everywhere who enjoy and appreciate nature-inspired art and the natural world.

Founded by Carol Anne Strange and Mark Fenwick in the summer of 2019, the Spirit of Nature Society focuses on offering a heart-felt celebration of nature in art, writing, poetry, and experience through our weekly email newsletter.

Who Are We?

Meet the Founders of the Spirit of Nature Society

Mark Fenwick (Fen)

Wild, mystical landscapes; verdant meadows teeming with wild song; forests full of tales; raw, rugged spaces; and the pure alchemy of the elements… the ever evolving essence of nature is what captivates and inspires me on life’s travels.

This passion for the natural world has always been with me. Nature informs my art and creativity, and is in the books I read, the art, photography and crafts I admire, and informs the way I see, and live in, the world.

Being in nature, alone or with like-hearts, is one of life’s greatest joys. The highlights of my days are when I see a hare jump across my path, hearing the trees whisper and creak in the slightest breeze or seeing our local little owl sunbathing on his lofty perch. It’s these simple magical moments that truly matter.

I’ve long recognised the importance of nature-inspired creativity, in all its many forms, as being a way that nature speaks to us and through us, and this has so many benefits for us and the earth. I feel that we all have the opportunity to consciously create a happier and inspiring life simply by nurturing and deepening our connection with the natural world. This is at the heart of the Spirit of Nature Society.

Carol Anne Strange

After over 50 years on this Earth journey, I now truly see how my connection with nature is – and always has been – at the heart of my experience. Being in nature has brought me joy, freedom, inspiration, ideas, solutions, restoration, wellness, vitality, gratitude, and love. In nature, I’ve experienced so many magical moments and, most profound of all, it is through nature that I rediscovered my true self.

The Spirit of Nature Society has morphed out of this space of celebrating the natural realms and recognising what matters, and I wish to inspire you to find space in your life for your own magical moments, inspired creativity, and deep connection with nature.

It’s a true joy to bring the Spirit of Nature Society into the world. It’s at the heart of everything held dear on my earth journey, and I wish to share this with you.

Read Our Story to find out how the Spirit of Nature Society came to be.

The Spirit of Nature Society Vision is to…

* celebrate, appreciate, and enjoy the wonders of the natural world.

* share nature-inspired art, stories, insights, resources, activities, and community to foster our connection with nature and each other.

* Encourage and support nature-inspired creativity and initiatives.

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The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature. – Joseph Campbell