Your Questions Answered

I write about nature and the environment. Can you feature my books in your Book Club recommendations?

It will be a pleasure to consider your nature-inspired books for our book recommendations although there may be a waiting list to appear in the newsletter. Please email details, and we also welcome review and giveaway copies from publishers.

I’m an artist and would like to feature my work in the Spirit of Nature Society newsletter.

We love to interview nature-inspired artists although there may be a waiting list to appear in the newsletter. To be considered, please email us with a link to your artist website.

I love the Spirit of Nature Society. How can I support what you do?

Thank you! You can support by participating in our activities and events, buying any of our creations, offering sponsorship, advertising in our newsletter, and/or sharing our public posts on social media so that other nature lovers find us.

Where is my email?

Emails sometimes end up in some strange cyberspace wormhole and can go into your spam / junk email box. Do check there first and then save the Spirit of Nature Society email address to your ‘safe list’. Still nothing there? If you’ve just registered, have you provided your correct email address? It’s easy to make a typo if you’re in a rush (or excited about being a member of the Spirit of Nature Society) so just contact us & we’ll make sure we have the right email address for you.

Will I receive lots of emails?

You will receive the society’s Nature Notes email newsletter, which is usually on a weekly basis. You’ll also be notified when there is important news or if you’re the winner of a prize. Please ensure we have your best email address so we can keep in touch.

I have a question that hasn’t been answered here…

Email us at and we’ll do our best to help.